Elevate your business growth with Axtrics Australia: Grow your business with an offshore team today.

Your trusted Australian Specialist, connecting you to high performing team members in India.


Our Comprehensive Outsourcing Services

Axtrics Australia offers tailored staffing solutions across Industries. We specialise in connecting Australian business with top talent in India in following verticals:

We’re more than just staff providers; we’re your comprehensive staffing solution. Beyond offering trained and dedicated staff, our process improvement team delves into the staff journey, designing AI-powered tools to enhance efficiency.


Why Choose Axtrics?

Unlock Your Business Potential with Global Expertise – Axtrics Australia Delivers Seamless Outsourcing Solutions Tailored for Success.

Cost Savings

Experience Savings by Hiring from India Instead of Locally.

Skilled Talent

Outsourcing experts offer valuable guidance at every step, optimizing your journey to success.

Guided Onboarding

Experience guided onboarding to reclaim your valuable time and empower your business.

Data Security

Our cutting-edge security protocols and platforms guarantee the safeguarding of your data and secure communication.

Accounting software competency

At Axtrics Australia, our expertise in accounting software extends to a wide range of solutions. We’re well-versed in popular platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, Myob and FreshBooks, as well as specialized software. This versatility allows us to offer tailored financial solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring your business operates smoothly and efficiently.


How it works

Embark on a streamlined journey with Axtrics Australia, designed to connect your business with premier talent from India through a simple, effective four-step process:


You provide us with the Job description.

All we need is the job description from you.


We recruit talented professionals

We will assemble a team of the best and most talented individuals.


Your dedicated staff report to you daily

Expect daily updates from your dedicated offshore staff.


We manage the operations

You can rely on us to handle operations while upholding quality.